South Pacific Trophies


"Trophy" Species: 14

Top 10: 11

Number 1: 6

Number 2: 2


Handgun: 2

Muzzleloader: 7

Crossbow: 3

​Rifle: 2

Grey Kangaroo


 Queensland, Australia
Handgun 109 yards
The red species is the largest (this is considered a large gray). These are considered vermin, because there are millions of them and they destroy the farmers crops. 

Javan Rusa Deer


 Queensland, Australia
Crossbow - SCI #1
Stalked him in moccasins and full Camo. The only way I made it to within 51 yards was because he was so old. First shot hit low in chest, he stood while I reloaded. 



 Queensland, Australia
Handgun - SCI #1
He was a "cull" animal that they wanted removed from the herd. 

Moluccan Rusa Deer


 Queensland, Australia
Muzzleloader - SCI #1
Smaller than the Javan species. This was a chance opportunity - an offhand shot at 55 yards, while stalking in brush. 

Axis Deer


 Queensland, Australia
Handgun - SCI #2
He was a Cull animal that they wanted removed from the herd. 211 yards was a long shot with a borrowed handgun. 

Feral Goat


 Queensland, Australia
Muzzleloader - SCI #1
Very hard hunt. They were as wary as whitetail. Tried with the Crossbow - no chance! Finally had a small opening to shoot thru at 97 yards. 

Red Deer


Queens Town , New Zealand
Muzzleloader 120 yards
Had tried was Crossbow, but was unable to get through the thick brush. 

Water Buffalo


Queensland, Australia
Crossbow - SCI #1
He and a buddy were hiding in a thick brushy "wallow". Kathy and the guide were too scared (smart!) to go in with me. 



South Island, New Zealand
Muzzleloader 247 yards
Almost had him with a Crossbow, but a stray dog startled him. He was running but stopped for one second. 



 South Island, New Zealand
Muzzleloader - SCI #2
We were late in the year, they were at lower elevations - in the Tucamoor grass. Tried with Crossbow - too smart. Finally did a 187 yard fast shot. 

Fallow Deer


 Queens Town, New Zealand
Muzzleloader 212 yards
Tough, steep up-hill shot at a small target. 

Arapawa Sheep

 South Island, New Zealand
Crossbow - SCI #1
We hunted open country-was very difficult to get close enough for the bow. Finally got a chance at 49 yards.