Käthe Munyan's Trophies


 Growing up in Arizona was the  perfect setting to learn to hunt. My father has taught me everything I  know about the sport and has made it very enjoyable for me. I learned to  shoot with dads help when I was two and went on my first hunt when I  was eight for Javelina. It was absolutely awesome . Since then I have  traveled around the world with my family getting to see many different  places and the animals native to those countries. I really like to hunt  with a handgun. I find it to be accurate and easy and it is much nicer  to my shoulder. The Zebra is my favorite animal that I have taken. I  have two and they are just magnificent. I would love to one day take a  Hippo. A dangerous hunt but a beautiful critter.   



"Trophy" Species: 17

Top 10: 6

Number 1: 4


Handgun: 13

Crossbow: 1

Rifle: 3


Northeastern Whitetail


 Whitepine, Michigan
Handgun - SCI #9
He  was very smart old boy - would not come into any openings, even though  it was rut time. He finally made a mistake at 112 yards, shot him  through the heart. 



 East Cape, South Africa
Handgun SCI #1, Overall #4
Käthe  won the Handgun Hunter of the year with Safari Club International  because he is huge. Also, she got him because she told the guide how to  do it! 



East Cape, South Africa
Handgun SCI #1
They  had watched him for years, would not let anyone shoot him! As we were  driving by, Käthe bailed out the offhand side and crawled to a small  hill to shoot. 

Coues Deer


Overall #14
#3 largest self guided
#3 taken in Arizona 



 Natal, South Africa
Handgun 152 Yards
Käthe  used a loaner guide, since dad had the regular one with him. He had me  shoot the wrong Zebra - this one had a bright red nose that the owner  wanted to keep! 



 Natal, South Africa
The  guide was looking on one side of the tree and Käthe on the other -she  shot the wrong one again! They wanted to breed-in his very unusual  spotted hide. 

North American Bison


Carrington, North Dakota
We  did not understand the anatomy. It took 5 arrows and 5 hours to drop  him. His body was smaller than dad's, but his horns were larger! 

Yellow Blesbok


 East Cape, South Africa
Handgun - SCI #1
A  violent rain storm blew in just as I was getting ready to shoot him at  179 yards. Hit him in the heart, he turned around and I hit him in the  heart again! 



 East Cape, South Africa
Handgun 184 Yards
This was a relatively close shot for this specie - they usually run when they see you at a 1/2 mile! 

Feral Goat


 Miles City, Montana
This was her first handgun animal. She was 13 years old. He was so stinky that she did not want to get close to take a picture. 

Mountain Lion


Perfect heart shot, but he still came after her when she shot. Leon jumped in front of her and lion diverted.