North America Trophies

The Species from North America that were recognized by SCI at the annual convention as "major award winners" - due to their outstanding Trophy size, and due to the degree of difficulty in Harvesting them were: Desert Bighorn Sheep, Stone Sheep, Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear, AK Caribou, Quebec Caribou, NW Whitetail Deer, and Pronghorn.


"Trophy" Species: 52  

Top 10: 45  

Number 1: 8

Number 2: 8  


Handgun: 33  

Muzzle Loader: 16  

Crossbow: 3  

Major Award Winners:

Texas Whitetail

 Laredo, Texas

Handgun - SCI #3

At last light, to get a shot, I had to get to set up shooting sticks in the stand! He was walking away at 146 yards. The 22-250 with 52gr Barnes penetrated 3 feet and rested in his neck.  

Southeast Whitetail

 South Carolina
Handgun - .454 Casull
I could hear him chasing a doe in the brush in front of my tree stand - too smart to come out. He finally made a mistake. 

Northwest Whitetail

North Dakota

Handgun #1

My largest Whitetail to date! Hunted with Danell on a great ranch. All my guns were inoperable, so I had to use Käthe's .270 handgun.

Northeast Whitetail

 Whitepine, Michigan
Crossbow - SCI #3
All three guides had judged him to be 169" - they were a little off! He was my 18th Crossbow record book specie. 

Midwest Whitetail

Northern Missouri


The smart guy had been hiding in the brush 50 yards from my stand for five days. On day six, one day after my hunt was supposed to end, we did a drive and I shot him running at 169 yards.

Coues Deer

Arizona - Unit 36B

November 2010

Handgun - SCI #2

256 yards running
After 15 years of trying to get a record book buck, I found him at first light of the first day of the hunt!


Orlando, Florida

Muzzleloader - SCI #5

This old guy was napping mid-morning! 

I snuck up and peeked over the edge of his swamp at 28 yards.

Rio Grande Turkey

Central California

Crossbow - SCI #6

This was a young Tom I took the first day. He came running to the call so fast, I hardly had time to get a quick shot! We never did find the Mr. Big I had seen previously

Gould's Turkey

Crossbow - SCI #1, Overall #9
After 4 days, could not get him in range. So, we built a brush fence that changed his strut pattern to within 10 yards of my blind. 

Eastern Turkey

Hunted six days. Had to shoot him the last minute of the last day! 

Tule Elk

Central California

Handgun - SCI #4

Unusual way to hunt Elk: Elk live in the open uncut Barley fields. The temperature was 107.

Stone Sheep

Dease Lake, British Columbia
Muzzleloader - SCI #1
Black powder was wet; bullet dropped 3 feet at 227 yards. Hit him in the foot and finished him 3 miles later. He dropped 50 feet from our camp. 

Sitka Blacktail

Handgun - SCI #4
Could not see him in the thick brush from shooting sticks. Went to a nearby tree, on tiptoes, from a branch and shot the only patch of grey that looked a deer color! 

Ring Tailed Pheasant

 Taken on one of our hunts with the daughters and the Seegmiller's - we do these shotgun hunts about once a year. 

Roosevelt Elk

Santa Rosa Island, California

Handgun - SCI #2

First shot was 245 yards, on the highest ridge of the island. Finished him at the bottom of the ridge, 1,200 feet lower! (found that gun was 20" low). That was a long grueling pack up out of the canyon!

Roosevelt Island Mule Deer

 Santa Rosa Island
Handgun 196 yards
The day after I shot the Roosevelt Elk, and the next canyon over: I did not realize my gun was 20" off. First shot was at top of ridge and chased him 1,200 feet to bottom of canyon! 

Rocky Mountain Elk

Payson, Arizona

Handgun - SCI #3

My longest shot with a handgun for the next 15 years - 335 yards! with the .378 and a 270 gr bullet! I have hunted this area since 1992, and this is the largest one we have found.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn

 Pikes Peak, Colorado
Handgun 226 Yards
Hiked 10,000 vertical feet (5,000' up) in 1 1/2 days! Packing out the meat and cape was an experience. I drew her by mistake-filled in wrong blank on application! 

Greenland Muskox


Victoria Island, Canada

Muzzleloader - SCI #3

500 miles North of the Artic Circle! Twenty below with strong wind. Tried to separate him from the herd of 4 bulls - chased him all the way back to a 1/2 mile from camp!

Mountain Lion

Central Utah
My first Handgun Specie. He was a great learning experience. I used a .40 Smith & Wesson semi-auto, took 11 shots - 6 in the chest. I was very under gunned! 

Mountain Goat

Dease Lake, British Columbia
Muzzleloader 88 yards
It took an 8 1/2 hour trek and 3,500 foot climb to get him. Shot in 40 mph wind and sleet and rain on top of the mountain. I lost 10% of my bodyweight on this hunt.

West Canada Moose

 Dease Lake, British Columbia
Muzzleloader 149 yards
Day 13 of my hunt. Shot him in a swamp - had to field dress him in 4' of water and then canoe him downstream to nearest lake in order to haul him out with an airplane. 

Shiras Moose

Flaming Gorge, Wyoming

Handgun - SCI #3

Self-guided on public land. Walked for 6 days in 18" packed snow at 9,000' elevation. Finally found him at 165 yards way low - in the sage brush!

East Canada Moose

Newfoundland, Canada


Last day of hunt, the float plane was coming to pick us up at 4:00pm. I shot him at 2:00 pm., caped, deboned and carried him to pick up site on time!

Alaska Yukon Moose

Whitehorse, Yukon

Muzzleloader - 346 yards

First shot was while he was running across a canyon. All I could do was swing thru and shoot when the crosshair was at his nose!

Collared Peccary

Muzzleloader - 131 yards

The only sounder in four days. He and the other boar ran up hill after Ben pushed bottom. He stopped and faced me. Shot and hit shoulder low. Chased to next canyon and Marilyn saw him under tree. He was really hiding. Finally saw his snout at 20' and shot.

Collared Peccary

Handgun 182 yards
Quick shot off shooting sticks. Amazed Kathy and I that I hit him! A good confidence builder early in my handgun hunting career. 



This is a special species taken on the North rim of the Grand Canyon, called a black eared Jackrabbit. Fun hunting with the Seegmiller's after our Antelope hunt!


San Carlos, Arizona


Who said foxes are smart? This on just stood on a rock as I walked by. Shot him offhand.


Southwest Texas


He and a buddy popped out of the brush a few seconds after I missed a Bobcat - they thought they were coming in for a free meal!

Common Grizzly

Yukon Territory, Canada
Muzzleloader - SCI #1
He never knew I was there - he was digging up gophers as I staked to 79 yards. He had developed a winter fat layer 4 inches thick. I broke his offside shoulder and he rolled to the bottom of the hill and then tried to climb up. I quickly reloaded muzzleloader and broke his other shoulder - that's exciting! 

Columbia Blacktail

Handgun - SCI #2
He ran into the brush and thought he was hiding - he was behind two trees. But, there was a gap in front of his shoulder! 

Coastal Black Bear

Vancouver Island, Canada
Muzzleloader - SCI #5
Only a 41 yard shot, because the guide used a predator call and the bear came toward us!
We saw 35 bears in 3 days. 

Woodland Caribou

Newfoundland, Canada
Muzzleloader .50 Cal
First Muzzleloader specie taken. Lucky snap shot at 211 yards. 

Quebec Labrador Caribou

 Northern Quebec, Canada
Saw 10,000 Caribou in five days of hunting. There were hundreds of these old guys that did not have enough calcium to hold up their antlers - they just flopped when they walked. 

Quebec Labrador Caribou

Northern Quebec, Canada

Muzzleloader - SCI #3

Dumped the "guide" with my partner and then stalked this Caribou for 2 1/2 miles. First shot was 210 yards, then took four more 300 gr bullets to finish!

Mountain Caribou

 Yukon, Canada
Muzzleloader 172 yards
Spent 10 days in sheep country on horses - No sheep or Moose, but found this herd last minute of the last day. 

Artic Island Caribou

Victoria Island, Canada

Muzzleloader - SCI #2

Was laying flat on ground and didn't notice a Tundra clump in front of me - hit it dead center! The Caribou didn't even move though - had never seen a human or been shot at....210 yards.

Alaska Barren Ground Caribou

Rifle 311 yards
My last animal taken with a rifle before I started handgun hunting. 10 days of freezing rain made Kathy decide to not go North with me anymore. 

Brown Bear

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Handgun - SCI #1

Knocked him down 3 times. He was like a heat seeking missile locked onto me! He took 8 rounds to the chest and just kept coming to get me. Weight 800 pounds, would be 1,100 pounds in the fall. Takes the new title as the "Worlds Most Dangerous Game".


 Central California
Handgun - 97 yards
Hunted this specie for 10 years with every method - no luck. Then, this one ran in front of me while hunting Feral Boar. He thought he was hiding in the bottom of a brushy canyon - I saw him! 

Black Bear

 Northern Quebec, Canada
Muzzleloader - SCI #4
He was on an agenda to get to hibernation area. We tracked him for 2 miles, then circled 7 miles by boat and Argo. He walked right across our path at 205 yards. 

North American Bison

 North Dakota
Crossbow - SCI #2
Running past me at 30mph. One shot at 12 feet - I swung through until I saw daylight and pulled the trigger - I cut the top of the heart off, and it went completely through! 




These are a very secretive critter. They are also very ferocious! This was just a lucky opportunity that came up while I was hunting Antelope.


 Marble Canyon, Arizona
Handgun 38 yards
he was very aggressive, protecting his herd - ran right up as we crawled over a hill - he looked bigger in the scope. Memorable hunt with the Seegmiller's. 

Alaska Caribou

 Handgun - SCI #4

274 yards

My last animal to be replaced in the SCI record book that was taken with a rifle in 1995. I did this on a self guided hunt and made the mistake of shooting him 3 miles from camp, with heavy deep bog all the way - took seven backpack trips to carry all of him out!

Desert Bighorn Sheep - Nelson

Handgun - 307 yards

Had chased "lover boy" for four days through a hellish wilderness mountain area in the middle of nowhere. He was still chasing females, four months after the mating season ended!

Dall Sheep

 Handgun - 176 yards

It took me 43 days of hunting to get a shot at a Dall sheep! In total I climbed 43,000 feet, the last four days I hiked 43 miles. Success!


Handgun - 271 yards

In heavy crosswind and snowing. Unusual for me - I took him the first morning at 8:30 am! I wanted an unusual set of horns...

Desert Bighorn Sheep - Mexicali

Handgun - SCI #1

My long barrel handgun was not working well, so I used the short barrel. As usual with Sheep, we started on the wrong side of the mountain and had to climb all the way up and over and down to the desert floor on the other side to where our scouters had found him. Then, we could not find him - turned out he was bedded right below us! By the time I saw him, he was running - did a Nellie butt shot at 214 yards. 

Northeast Whitetail NT

 Ohio - Amish Country

Top 10 Handgun

He was too smart to come into the ground blind areas, so we had to stalk him. Of course, he saw us first. But after several stalks, he stopped behind two trees looking at me - he thought he was hidden! I took him through the 5" opening, head-on.

Midwest Whitetail


Top 10 Handgun

An easy 161 yard shot from an elevated blind. Beautiful countryside with rolling hills and meadows and trees turning fall colors. Kathy enjoyed watching all the deer and turkeys for several days. 

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