Europe Trophies

 The Species from Europe that were recognized by SCI at the annual convention as "Major Award Winners" - due to their outstanding trophy size, and due to the degree of difficulty in harvesting them were: Alpine Chamois and Cantabrian Chamois. 

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"Trophy" Species: 20

Top 10:
Number 1: 10
Number 2: 5

Handgun: All with Handgun

Major Award Winners: 1

Iberian Mouflon


 Salamanca, Spain
Handgun - SCI #4
Ran like a greyhound for miles! Finally hid in heavy brush and we flushed him out. Fast Texas heart shop in very thick fog. 

Wild Feral Boar


 Salamanca, Spain
Handgun - SCI #2
Very scarce and difficult species. He had been fighting all night, was tires, and was headed to bed. So, he walked right by us in an open field at first light! 

Fallow Deer


 Salamanca, Spain
Handgun - SCI #2
Very skittish! After several days of fruitless stalks, we decided to do a drive on this area. It worked! He was hiding in the brush from pushers, but I could see him. 

Becite Ibex


 Salamanca, Spain
Handgun - SCI #1
Two big bulls were fighting and moving among ten does on a sheer cliff. It was difficult to track them while hanging on a cliff. I shot both accidently! 

Gredos Ibex


 Salamanca, Spain
Handgun - SCI #3
An old bull (13 years). He was boss of a group of 30. He slid down nearly vertical North slope - on solid ice. A very treacherous recovery - nearly lost Kathy! 

Spanish Red Deer


 Salamanca, Spain
Handgun - SCI #1
Walked, stalked, and hunted them for 10 days. Finally found a big one and chased him into the grasslands. He laid his antlers down and hid in the tall grass! 

Pyrenean Chamois


NE, Spain

Handgun #2

Lives in vertical cliffs. Only a 123 yard shot - but straight down. Guide held me from falling off the cliff and I leaned over the edge and shot!

Cantabrian Chamois



SCI Handgun #1, Top 10 Overall

Tough target - only 45 pounds - 256 yards. This was during mating season, so he would not stand still! Beautiful mountains...

Balkan Chamois


Croatia, Europe

SCI Handgun #1

303 yards

Tough shot on such a tiny animal. Missed first time, but the mating season was on, so he did not run...

Barbary Sheep


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Carpathian Chamois


Serbia, Europe

327 yards

World's toughest handgun shot! Had a 12" window to see through thick brush - could not tell horn length, but I needed the specie. Did it with the short barrel!

Dalmatian Sheep


Dugi Otok, Croatia

Handgun #1

Shooting straight up the cliff face - very difficult shot. These sheep have been wild on the island for 100 years. Fast shot as he stopped on the cliff above me.

European Mouflon


Croatia, Europe

SCI Handgun #2

Fast shot as he stopped on the cliff above me. Hard to believe I hit him with the handgun, doing a fast shot at 307 yards!

Racka Sheep


Serbia, Europe

Handgun #1

My longest shot from the shooting sticks - 267 yards, and my first time using sticks with the long .300 mag. barrel. 



Serbia, Europe

As usual, Air France lost my guns, so I had to use the guides rifle. Turkey are not hunted here, so he was not nearly as wary as the NA versions are!



Austria, Europe


Small but ferocious - a sought after trophy in Austria. They hide in rock cliffs and make long difficult shots!

Roe Deer


Hungary, Europe

SCI Handgun #3

This old deer had been shot at dozens of times - he lived right under a tree stand! I fooled him and snuck up from the other side of the 1/2 mile wide field. 

Roe Deer


Forest Region, Mongolia

Handgun - SCI #1

Habits very similar to a Whitetail. Can only see them at first and last light. Mongolians are not good deer stalkers!

Roe Deer-Non Typical


Hungary, Europe

SCI Handgun #1

He was a much sought after trophy in this hunt club, because of his size and horn shape - he had been missed by 8 hunters just so far that year!

Alpine Chamois


Austria, Europe

SCI Handgun #1

203 yards straight down

Climbed to 6,200' - to the very top of the highest peak around - beautiful view of him feeding on the cliff below us.

Sika Deer


Austria, Europe

SCI Handgun #1

The most difficult animal to find on this hunt - took two days of hard walking through heavy brush to flush him out. 

Beceite Ibex


Beceite Mountains, Spain

Handgun SCI #2

Two big bulls were fighting and moving among 10 does on a sheer cliff. It was difficult to track them through a handgun scope while I was hanging on a cliff. I shot both accidently! This is the smaller one that I mortally wounded, but he snuck off in the brush and did not find him until later. 

Barbary Sheep


Noser Mountain, Croatia, Eastern Europe

Handgun - 353 yards

On this hunt I had the pleasure of hunting with "Chucky Doll". The local guide from hell! There was no way I was every going to get an Aoudad with this guy along. So, I did a fast shot on this guy as he was running through a small opening - straight up the cliff above us! We did not have time to size any horns - I just saw that he had some and pulled the trigger.....My second longest shot to date!