Danell Munyan's Trophies



I  am the youngest daughter of Kathy and Leon. I grew up in Arizona and  have a wonderful bundle of joy, Taters, my Great Dane. She is a spoiled  Grandbaby. Dad is always giving her Elk, Sheep, Pig, you name it, she  loves it.

I took up bow hunting a couple years ago and have  really enjoyed it. I took three species in Africa with my bow and most  recently harvested my first Javelina with a bow. I made dad work for the  meat though, took us a couple hours to track the bugger down even  though it was a perfect shot. That's bow hunting, the hunt doesn't stop  when the arrow leaves it's rest. 

I  have enjoyed hunting all my life, and mom and dad have provided the  opportunity to hunt all over. I am excited to see what I am able to  harvest next.


"Trophy" Species: 26
Top 10: 6

Number 1: 2


Compound Bow: 8
Muzzleloader: 3

Crossbow: 4

Rifle: 9

Shotgun: 1



Compound Bow


My  first Javelina, Finally! Dad and I hunted in snow and rain. I did a  perfect shot and she still ran down the mountains and sent us on a three  hour stalking adventure. Then under a tree there she was. It was quite a  hunt.

Arizona Mule Deer



My  first Mule Deer.  We hunted all weekend, had two close encounters, but  other hunters shot them moments before I was able to pull the trigger.  After several miles of trecking and right before the rain started we  were able to harvest this Mule. He gave us a run for it tracking and  didn't make the shot easy either! 420 yards, split moment shot. But I  was able to get a shot off and we were able to track him into the  desert.

Northwestern Whitetail


 North Dakota
Compound Bow
This  was an exhilarating hunt. This is also my first buck with my bow. My  guide and I hunted for days without seeing the buck I wanted. Then just  before dark we are sitting in our blind and hear a handgun shot, dad  shot his buck and moments later my buck comes wandering down the hill.  Dad and I shot our bucks five minutes apart, and we only had one small  rhino for two bucks and four people :) 

Northeastern Whitetail


Whitepine, Michigan
Muzzle Loader - SCI #5
The  guides had hunted him all season but could not get a shot - too smart. I  hunted him 4 days and he finally gave me a glimpse through the trees at  98 yards. 

Shiras Moose


Uintas, Wyoming
Muzzle Loader 157 Yards
I  had a terrible set-up and was pressured into shooting by "cowboy"  hunters ! We tracked hum, wounded, for 4 hours and 7 miles. He finally  circled and laid down. 



 East Cape, South Africa
Rifle 356 yards
We  chased him for hours, but he would not stop running and walking.  Finally as the Ostrich was walking away, dad said, "aim right for his  pink tail feathers"! 



 East Cape, South Africa
Rifle 223 yards
He was old and had a broken ankle, which is why he had worn his horns. 

Texas Whitetail


 Rifle 110 yards
This was only my second big game animal. I suprised everyone with a perfect heart shot. 



 Bloemfontein, South Africa
Rifle 323 Yards
My  first really long shot. Dad said to not shoot - he did not think I  could make the shot. But, the guide said to try it, so I did - and  dropped him in his tracks. 

Sika Deer


Hondo, Texas
Crossbow SCI #1
My  first Crossbow specie. Dad had purchased some bad arrows, so I missed  him 3 times. Bought better arrows; next day took him 1st shot at 42  yards! 

Hybrid Sheep


 Miles City, Montana
I had the  wrong handloads for an animal with this thick hair - we used hollow  point bullets. I had to finish him with a revolver. 

Multi-Horn Sheep


 Hondo, Texas
Crossbow SCI #5
My third Crossbow specie, and the easiest shot of my life. 



 Natal, South Africa
Rifle SCI #22 Overall
Dad shot a nice one the day before. Mine was larger than his! 



 East Cape, South Africa
Rifle 384 Yards
An amazing shot on a small target. I used my favorite weapon, a .257 Roberts. 

Rainbow Trout


 Payson, Arizona
He was at the  headwaters of a small mountain stream. He was living in water that was  only 4" deep. Dad got excited and screamed at me to "reel him in  faster". 



Limpopo, South Africa

Compound Bow

Fired  my PH and went with the head tracker - He could not speak English! He  gave me a thumbs up or down sign when pigs came into the water

Hybrid Ibex


Hondo, Texas

Muzzleloader - SCI #1

He  had escaped a ranch and was wondering in "free range". We stalked to  132 yards and took him through the heart - he never knew we were there!

Hybrid Sheep


Hondo, Texas


Would love to have more stalks like this - was the easiest one I have had with the crossbow!

Cape Hartebeest


 Limpopo, South Africa

Compound Bow

1st African bow species

Had a tough shot with him facing us and behind females just at dark. Tracked him for 8 miles the next day!

Catalina Goat


Hondo, Texas

Compound Bow - SCI Gold Medal

First bow killed animal! Only a week after purchasing my new bow. 

Blue Wildebeest


Limpopo, South Africa

Compound Bow

2nd African bow species

Spent 6 days in a ground blind to get him! Did a perfect heart shot while he was kneeling to drink.

American Alligator


Orlando, Florida

Crossbow, Harpoon, Bang Stick!

We  rode the air boat for 6 hours through swamps to find a big "Gator". Hit  him right behind the head at 22 yards while he was hidden in deep  water. Great excitement!