North America Introduced Trophies


"Trophy" Species: 28  

Top 10: 22  

Number 1: 5

Number 2: 5  


Handgun: 22  

Muzzle Loader: 17  

Crossbow: 6  

Major Award Winners:



Hondo, Texas
Crossbow - SCI #1
Hunted him for 8 days. 800 lb animal, but the crossbow actually knocked him over from 37 yards. 

Sika Deer


 Kerrville, Texas
Handgun - SCI #6
He was a "cull" animal that they wanted removed from the herd - horns are not symmetrical, so you do not want his genes to pass on. 

Fallow Deer


Kerrville, Texas
Handgun - SCI #7
Kathy and I had seen this one earlier in the hunt. Rancher insisted he did not have one this big. It had been hiding in the thick brush all it's life. 

Axis Deer


Kerrville, Texas
Very wary - I finally made a ground blind and had Kathy spook the herd past me. 

European Mouflon


 Hill Country, Texas
Crossbow - SCI #1
Very alert and difficult for a bow. The 2nd day, I finally made a ground blind and took him while he was travelling to his feeding area. 



Hondo, Texas
Crossbow - SCI #2
Lots of hair. Took 5 arrows at 36 yards. He was the bully of the area - he even kept the Water Buffalo and Bison out of his 100 acre field. 

Bezoar Ibex


 Hill Country, Texas
Crossbow - SCI #1
Tough to stalk close enough for a shot, and he stayed in the middle of the herd. Finally, a break - took him at 12 yards. 

Hybrid Ibex


 Hondo, Texas
Crossbow - SCI #1
39 yard shot. His horns are exceptional. He had been wounded while fighting, so getting close was easier than the Bezoar Ibex. 



 Hill Country, Texas
Crossbow - SCI #2
I was prepared for a difficult stalk on this wary goat specie. Turned out to be a surprisingly easy stalk while he was feeding. 

Texas Dall Sheep



Fraley Ranch, Missouri

Handgun - SCI #7

He is an "introduced" specie to North America - he looks similar to a wild Dall Sheep from Alaska.

Multi Horn Sheep


Hondo, Texas


My first specie on this hunt. Missed four times! Went to San Antonio and bought new arrows - solved the problem!

Hybrid Sheep


 Hondo, Texas

Crossbow - SCI #6

He was a surprisingly tough critter. He took 3 arrows at 19 yards!

Four Horn Sheep


Miles City, Montana

Handgun - SCI #1, Overall #1

This one was running wild - was considered "free ranging" by SCI. Shot him at 65 yards with a 4" barrel open sighted .44 magnum!

Feral Goat


Hill Country, Texas

Crossbow - SCI #2

The most wild animal I have taken with a crossbow. After a day of blown stalks, I shot him running by at 37 yards.

Feral Board


Miles City, Montana


He was killing sheep and chasing the guides. They were so afraid of him that when we found him sleeping in the brush at 3 yards, they would not let me shoot!

Corsican Sheep


 Fraley Ranch, Missouri


This was my first standing shot with a Handgun (and, one of the few I have taken!) - I was leaning over a small tree to be able to see him.

Scimitar Horned Oryx


Hondo, Texas

Handgun - 323 yards

The owners of "Tobasco Sauce" were there hunting also - they were impressed!

Red Deer


Laredo, Texas


My .300 Win Mag. had blown up when I tried it the day before! So, the .22-250 was my only gun working. We chased this guy around and around in the brush until he stopped at 109 yards facing me. The only shot for such a small  gun was at the top of the neck. I used shooting sticks to drop him in his tracks with a little 52 gr. Barnes bullet!

Aoudad - Free Range


Davis Mountains, West Texas

Handgun - SCI #4

The free range Sheep and Goats in this area are VERY skittish - they run if they see you within a mile! The closest we could get to this herd was 301 yards, and there were no rocks to rest the gun on. So I made by far my longest shot from the shooting sticks. 

Armenian Mouflon-FR


Davis Mountains, West Texas

This is the only one ever shot with a Handgun, and after hunting them, I can see why! They were imported from Iran and released in the 1980's. I had only been walking for one week after my broken hip was repaired - this is tricky steep country for anyone...