Asia Trophies

Additional Information

 The Species from Asia that were recognized by SCI at the annual convention as "major award winners" - due to their outstanding Trophy size, and due to the degree of difficulty in Harvesting them were: Hillier Goitered Gazelle and Gray Wolf. 


"Trophy" Species: 10

Top 10: 9
Number 1: 8
Number 2: 1

Handgun: All with Handgun

Major Award Winners: 2

Gobi Ibex


West Gobi, Mongolia
Handgun - SCI #1
Stalked him on a hairline rocky ridge. Missed 1st shot on 35% downslope. Quick 2nd shot anchored him at 191 yards. 

Siberian Ibex


High Altai, Mongolia
Handgun - SCI #1
Climbed 4,400' vertical, on foot. Took him at 10,600' elevation at 9:30 a.m. on 1st day - at 198 yards. 

Gray Wolf


Forest Region, Mongolia
Handgun - SCI #1, Overall #5
Usually run when they see humans. He did, but then circled back to 138 yards and stopped broadside when he crossed our path. We think he was hunting us. 

Asian Roe Deer


Forest Region, Mongolia
Handgun - SCI #1
Habits very similar to a whitetail. Can only see them at first and last light. 

Mongolian Gazelle


West Gobi, Mongolia
Handgun - SCI #1
There were herds of hundreds running across the Mongolian Steppes. They run 50 mph for miles. 

Hillier Goitered Gazelle


 West Gobi, Mongolia
Handgun - SCI #1, Overall #5
The largest taken in this area in 14 years. Pure luck to find this ram - we only saw 2 other rams in 2 days of hard hunting. 

Asian Red Fox


Mongolia, Asia

A rare opportunity, since the local herders keep these under control. We just happened to see this one while driving to the hunting area one morning - he made the mistake of stopping for a last look...

Mid Asian Ibex


Kyrgyzstan, Asia

This is my biggest Ibex by far. He is my 7th subspecie. We had pure luck finding him - we did not see any mature Ibex during the whole hunt. This Ibex was just coming down from the high mountains in China due to heavy snow and high wind. We happened to ride the horses for several hours in that direction looking for Sheep that we hoped were doing the same thing....

Tian Shan Argali


Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Handgun - 406 yards, only the second one ever taken with a Handgun

This was a VERY tough hunt in 3-4' of drifted snow, on vertical mountains at 13,000'+ elevation. The temperature was below Zero, with 50mph winds blowing icy snow in your face all day! I lasted six days to take this guy. Then, the two young guides had to virtually carry me up the mountain to get the shot. This is the longest shot I have made on a trophy animal, but it was try this of not get a sheep!