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 Munyan Family Hunting Conservation Museum

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Welcome to Alternative Methods Hunting

Munyan Family Hunting Conservation Museum

The Museum is an exhibit of species collected by Leon Munyan, and his daughters, Käthe and Danell. The museum contains 313 exhibits. Leon is a winner of the coveted "World Hunting Award" with Safari Club International. He is the only Handgun hunter in the world to win the ring!

BREAKING NEWS: Leon completed all the requirements to achieve the highest level of hunting awards available with Safari Club International - The "World Conservation and Hunting Award". Only a handful of hunters in the world have reached this achievement. Leon is the first to achieve this level while hunting with a Handgun.

The Museum was designed to promote the concept of "Hunting Conservation". Toward that goal, each specie is tastefully exhibited. Also, each exhibit has a plaque that lists the specie name (common name and Latin name), the country it inhabited and when it was harvested, and a field photo showing the natural habitat of the animal.


The main show room displays only animals harvested with Alternative Weapons (Handgun, Muzzleloader, Crossbow). Also, there is only one of each specie exhibited. Highlights include: Species from 25 countries and all continents; 105 African species, including all African dangerous game, 17 species of Pygmy antelope, 12 species of Gazelles, 3 Roan species, 4 kudu species; Also, 8 species of "Red Deer and Wapiti of the World", 8 species of the "Wild oxen of the world", 6 species of Caribou, 4 species of Moose.

The Museum is 24' high - so it is very difficult to capture it in photos! We open the museum to the public several times per year, usually in December and June. If you would like to be put on the open house e-mailing list, please respond below and we will notify you before the next opening. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us.

We also have special showings of the Museum for School classes, preferably middle school. If you are interested in a special showing, please contact us. The Museum was designed to promote the concept of "Hunting Conservation" - to be enjoyed by hunters and non-hunters.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified before the next showing


Leon has been an avid supporter of the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals since he first joined SCI in 1997.

Some of his most notable achievements are:

​​Leon's Achievements With Safari Club International Record Book


                     Achievement                                                 World Ranking

                 1. Species taken with Handgun                                      #1

​                 2. Species taken with Crossbow                                      #1

                 3. Species taken with Alternative Weapons                      #1

                 4. #1 and #2 ranked species                                          #1

                 5. Top 10 ranked species                                               #2

                 6. Awards achieved                                                       #2

                 7. Major award specie recognitions                                  #1

                 Major Awards Achieved:

​                     All Pinnacles of Achievement

                     Zenith Award

​                     Crowning Achievement Award 

                     World Hunting Award

                     World Hunting and Conservation Award

Leon Munyan's Biography

Leon Munyan was a logging contractor's son and hunted virtually since he could walk. However, his quest for trophy species started late in life - in 2001 he had 11 species that qualified for the SCI record book. Since then, he has taken more than 240 different species of animals, with 192 species that rank in the Top 10 for their weapon category. Of those, 131 rank #1 or # 2 in the SCI record book.

All of Leon's species have been taken with Alternative weapons (none harvested with a rifle). Leon is the first hunter to achieve the coveted World Hunting Award with alternative weapons, while qualifying for all Diamonds and Slams at the rifle level. He is also the only hunter to achieve the SCI top award, the "World Conservation Award" without any species taken with a rifle!

Leon has 162 different species in the record book with a Handgun, plus an additional 24 photo species -more than any other hunter. He also has more species taken with a crossbow in the SCI record book than any other hunter.  He achieved Diamond level for Top 10 trophies with a bow.

Leon considers that one of his greatest achievements is to have taken all the African dangerous game with a single shot handgun. And, 6 of the 9 fell with one shot (including the elephant)! Hunting is a family affair with the Munyan's. Leon's wife, Kathy, travels with him on most hunts and acts as the professional videographer. His two daughters, Käthe and Danell hunt with Handgun and Bow.  They each have 6 species that rank Top 10 in the SCI record book. , including a 122 7/8 Coues Deer that Käthe took on a self guided hunt! Danell commonly makes shots like she did on her common springbok, taken at 380 yards. In 2007, the Munyan's built the "Munyan Family Hunting Conservation Museum". They open the museum several times per year for public viewing. The Munyan's are Life members of Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association.​​


Leon J. Munyan

S. Danell Munyan

Käthe R.M. Munyan


Kathy L. Munyan

Conservation Record Book

Safari Club International

Supporters of Note

Ben Seegmiller